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Start of NSTD development.

IT Unicycle channel started.

Getting started on Virtles 3.

Oct 28 2008
Planet Online started.

Jun 3 2007
Music archive appeared.

Jan 30 2007
Forum is running!

Jan 12 2007
Test version of CellCity is available!

Nov 15 2006
TalkMobile 3.0 released!

Nov 8 2006
New product appeared: SndLib. You can use your mobile to send/receive sounds from everyone.

Nov 4 2006
New product appeared: LangTest. You can use your mobile to learn other languages.

Nov 3 2006
The site is almost working. The first product appeared: WebMoney games.

Nov 1 2006
The site was opened. All the first day there was only black frame with big V and nothing else.


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